Bella’s House Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Bella’s House at Rivers Edge Behavioral Health Services, LLC, a substance use treatment center located in Springfield, Maine is celebrating the first-year anniversary of its’ opening.

 This year was one filled with challenges and triumphs as Rivers Edge Behavioral Health Services laid their organizational foundations by implementing treatment strategies, creative marketing strategies along with dynamic financial and operational developments. As we celebrate our first year of being in business, we want to commemorate our progress and send a heartfelt thank-you to many.

There are several memorable dates this past year that commemorate our progress.  Our open house was held on October 8, 2021 and was attended by many community members.  We were honored to also have present Gordon Smith, Director of Opioid Response for the state of Maine.  He continues to be a supporter of Bella’s House and we would like to take this time to again say thank-you for his ongoing support of Bella’s House and to the opioid epidemic.  On November 29, 2021, the staff of Bella’s House walked thru the doors for the first time.   It became immediately obvious that a dedicated staff was being built as we endured the ongoing covid pandemic during those difficult weeks.  On December 6, 2021 our first client was admitted for treatment.

Since that time, Bella’s House has had over one hundred and forty individuals enter the program and over one hundred clients have completed the program and moved on to the next step in their recovery journey.  Before leaving Bella’s House, our accomplished staff have provided clients with the tools to continue their journey in the community.   We have taken essential steps to provide high-quality client care, along with creating an accessible path to treatment entry.  This is through strategic planning by working directly with our numerous referral sources including hospitals, detox facilities, county jails and case management providers.

We are forever grateful for our community support from the Town of Springfield.  Our community came together in ways that we would have never expected.  The Springfield Community Chapel has not only welcomed our clients into their church, but they have also continually provided numerous donations for clients.  Donations have included such things as hand-made items including holiday cards for our clients to pass along to their families and support persons.  We are humbled by the community support that we have received. 

Our dedicated staff has continued to grow and learn together.  We truly believe that we must find meaning in our work.  The best work happens when you know that it’s not just work, but something that will improve other people’s lives.  This is the opportunity that drives each of our employees at Bella’s House.   To our staff at Bella’s House, your creativity and dedication to work can only be matched with your desire to succeed and cause a change in the lives of many people.  On this day, I congratulate all of you on a successful year. 

As we celebrate this first year of accomplishments, Bella’s House at Rivers Edge Behavioral Health Services plans to continue our efforts to create high quality, accessible substance use treatment options, expand our treatment programs and continue to cultivate a positive work environment for our current and incoming team members.

“It is not just a company anniversary. It is a family anniversary that has defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together. Happy Anniversary!”

      Julie Racine                                                                        Carlos Lopez

Executive Director                                                        Director of Strategic Management